2nd-year Ph.D. students

Keiichi Namikoshi Estimation of behavioral norms from behavioral trajectories by evolutionary computation
Yu Suetomi The mechanism of a self-protection characteristic and a long magnetic field delay for a no-insulation (NI) REBCO layer-wound coils
Yusuke Nakata
(Frontier Science)
Extraction of features which induces affordance by the analysis of hidden layers in the deep neural network

2nd-year Master's students

Shunta Nomura Understanding the sensibility of human in Yonkoma (four cell) manga - hybrid approach with genetic algorithm, classifier system and neural network
Akiko Ikenaga Theoretical analysis of multi-objective optimization and multi-objective reinforcement learning
Seiya Kitamura Feature extraction of dangerous scenes for autonomous driving in urban area
Toshiaki Chimura Acquisition of the optimal action strategy of the role in "Werewolf"
Keisuke Yamamoto Reinforcement learning algorithm for optimal processing of multiple tasks
Yasuhiro Yoshida Effective use of electric power generated from regenerative brakes of multiple trains by distributed cooperative reinforcement learning

1st-year Master's students

Toya Kamatani Method of dynamic pricing for one-way car sharing service by reinforcement learning
Daiko Kishikawa Comfortable autonomous driving by deep inverse reinforcement learning
Kousuke Nishi Extention of multi-objective decision-making theory by introducing dynamic preference