Sachiyo Arai, Dr. of Engineering, Associate Professor

I'm a faculty member in National University Corporation Chiba University. I'm interested in multi-agent learning, reinforcement learning, decision-theory, game theory, and social learning.

Before joining Chiba University, I used to work for the robotics institute at Carnegie Mellon University, GMD (Fraunhofer) -Japan Lab., and Kyoto University as a guest associate professor.

Before that, I was a PhD student , with advisor Professor Shigenobu Kobayashi at Tokyo Institute of Technology. And I had the great privilege of working under Professor Stuart Russell at U.C. Berkeley, Professor Katia Sycara at Carnegie Mellon University, and Professor Pat Langley at Stanford University.
Finally, I thank Professor Toru Ishida at Kyoto University most sincerely for his invaluable help for my research work.